House Project Update | Spring 2020

House Project Update - Kitchen

With Spring finally deciding to make an appearance this week, I thought I’d share an update on our house project list from this past winter. We certainly didn’t get through our entire winter list, but here are the updates to all of our projects I shared in my last home projects post.


Go Through our Closets… Again

We went through all of our stuff when we moved this past summer, but since or home was built in the 20’s, it’s severely lacking in closet space. We have found a lot of great ways to get everything we need put away, but it’s a little… crowded. We’ve started to get rid of a few more non-essential clothing items so we can make our space a little neater, but we still need to do a full closet overhaul. Would you guys be interested in a post on this soon?

Remove Clutter from our Second Bedroom

In the spirit of going through our closets, we decided to also go through our “ketch all” room. The small room off of our kitchen has been fondly called “the staging area” for the last 7 months, but its starting to wear on me. We were able to get a lot of things out of the room and either put where they belong or stored properly, but there it’s still a work in progress.


Prime and Paint our Second Bedroom

Our first painting project this past winter was priming the small bedroom off of our kitchen. This was a quick paint job because 3/4 of the walls are beadboard, so we only needed to prime the top 1/4 and the ceiling (both painted brown… ick). Truth be told, we’re waiting to actually paint or wallpaper the room with the hopes of someday turning this into a nursery. But, we hated the brown walls and wanted to just make a simple improvement to the room. So, even just primer it looks sooo much better.

The Staircase to the Basement… And the Basement

Our next painting project was the stairwell into the basement, and we’re half done. I painted over the red wall and ceiling with a dark green and swapped out the light fixture, but I think we are going to pay someone to paint the bottom half that leads into the basement because it’s a but more cumbersome. We are starting to prime the basement this week, and I think we are going to paint the walls with the left over Whisper White we have and leave the wood paneling exposed. We will also be getting new carpeting downstairs very soon!

Guest Room/Office/Staircase

This was something on our list that we haven’t been able to get to yet. Since we are going to hire someone to patch and paint the upstairs, this just hasn’t been something we have had time to research. In the meantime, I’m going to paint the ceiling white (it’s actually grey right now?!), so the room is a little brighter and so we can better see paint sample colors when we’re ready.

The Kitchen

The kitchen wasn’t originally on our list for this winter, but I got really antsy and had to brighten it up! The color was a pinkish/tan with brown trim… If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I really don’t like pink. I also really couldn’t understand why anyone would paint over gorgeous original wood trim with brown paint. Either way, We decided to paint the walls Whisper White and paint over the brown trim with True Taupewood (at 50%); along with adding a runner and swapping out the hardware. I’ll do a full post on our kitchen updates soon, but here is a little sneak peak at a before and after.


Guest Room/Office/Staircase

While we haven’t been able to hire a painter for the upstairs, working from home for the last month has really inspired me to start designing our office/guest room. I’ve always wanted a moody green room, and I think the upstairs is the perfect spot! Here is my inspiration…

House Project Inspiration

Dining Room

Gallery Shelf Project

Before quarantine, my step dad was able to come over and help us build these gorgeous builtin gallery shelves! We still need to get some photos developed, but I think it adds a certain coziness and personality to our dinning room.

What kind of house project posts do you guys want to see next? Let me know in the comments section below!

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