House Project List: Winter 2020

Now that the holidays are over, I am in full house project mode! I’m sure this list might be a little over the top to get all done this winter, but, darn it, I’m gonna try! So, here we go!


Go Through our Closets… Again

We went through all of our clothes and knick-knacks when we moved, but since our closets are so small, we really need to get rid of a few more items. We have out bedroom pretty well organized with the space we have, but we still have a ton of clothes in our guest room, and I would love to limit that as much as we can.

Remove Clutter from our Second Bedroom

I started this process this past weekend (if you notice on my IG Stories), but there is still more to be done! I am very happy that the room actually looks presentable, I would love for it to be emptied by the end of the winter and have all of our decorations put up around the house.


Guest Room/Office/Staircase

Overall, this is probably the biggest house project on the list. Our upstairs is currently painted navy, and we don’t hate the color… we actually get complemented on it during every house tour, haha. But, I have always dreamed of a super moody, dark green room. And with the exposed wood trim, and roof peaks upstairs, I think it’s the perfect room for it. I can’t wait to paint this space and make is super cozy. (More on this in a bit…)

The Staircase to the Basement… And the Basement

There are many things that need to be done in our basement, but the first thing we need to do it paint! I cant wait to get rid of the yellow and red on the walls and brighten it up a bit. Our back stairwell is also a dark red, and I am thinking of painting a moody blue/green and filling it with more family photos! I put some pictures up in the stairwell a couple of weeks ago, and it really inspired me to finish the space. Just looking at our memories as I go down the stairs to do laundry makes out house feel so much more homey.

Prime and Paint our Second Bedroom

Well, sort of… Like I shared before, our second bedroom has been an eye-sore since we moved in this past August. So, once we get all of the clutter out, we are going to paint the ceiling and prime the brown walls. We haven’t decided what colors we’re going to paint this room yet, but I am really excited to just get it primed and ready for whenever we want to finish it. (And since we only need to paint 1/4 of the walls, it should be a really fast job!)


Guest Room/Office/Staircase

While we’re not taking down any walls, we need to move around some outlets, swap out the sconces upstairs. Once that’s all done, I am really looking forward to looking at furniture and making our upstairs a cozy office and room for any house guests.

To be honest, we like saving money with DIY, but will probably hire someone for the paint and electrical work. Our staircase/upstairs has many peaks and corners, and you can tell it wasn’t mudded properly in some areas. So, while we could do it ourselves, a professional will be able to get it done right and A LOT faster than we ever could.

Dining Room

We are working on a big house project this weekend to personalize out dining room and I am SO excited. We hung four large frames and made a gallery wall a few months ago, but we are finally finishing “picture hanging” by building two gallery shelves that will wrap around the corner of our dining room! I am searching for picture frames this week, so that by the end of the weekend I can have all pictures printed and hung. While this is a small project, I think this is really going to transform the whole space and give it a very cozy feel.

Are you guys tackling any house projects this winter? Tell me in the comments!

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