Social Distancing Together

Social Distancing Sidewalk Session

Social distancing has quickly become the “new normal” for all of us in the past few weeks. And while staying at home isn’t all that bad, not being able to make plans with friends or family, or going out to dinner is definitely starting to wear on the Summerfield house. But, I honestly do take comfort in the fact that we are all in this together and the world is experiencing this as one.

Since I am sure most of you are in the same boat and are dying to do anything other than sit on your couch or walk around you block for the 100th time, I wanted to share some things that we are doing during this time (on top of working from home). Hopefully they can spark some new ideas for you and your family.

  1. Staying home!! – We are really trying to do our part and take social distancing seriously. We are only going to the store if we really need to, and try to stock up for 2 weeks worth or food/supplies at a time.
  2. Working from our dining room – Brian and I are grateful that we are both still working, and we are set up at our makeshift desks until I can get our guest room/office in order.
  3. Finishing painting our kitchen, and more.
  4. Going through our closets.
  5. Video calls, virtual happy hours and coffee dates.
  6. House Fur’s Sidewalk Sessions for Hunger Task Force (pictured above) – This was such a great way to help the community during this shutdown! (And get some cute/personal photos in front of our house.)
  7. Going through my childhood toys, photos and trinkets.
  8. Enjoying walks around our neighborhood – We love our neighborhood, and are trying to get outside 1-2 times a day for walks. But, we’re going to venture out this weekend to a forest preserve for a little change of scenery.
  9. Lots and lots of laundry.
  10. Disinfecting and cleaning the house regularly – This goes without saying, really, but regardless of the virus, having a neat and tidy house helps me feel better since we’re constantly home.
  11. Using candles and essential oils – This really helps improve my mood and help me sleep 🙂
  12. Making lots of lattes – Probably my favorite thing about being home.
  13. Keeping up with a skin care routine.
  14. Reorganizing blog content.
  15. Working out at home with OrangeTheory.
  16. Ordering take out from local spots.
  17. Updating the blog’s branding – Coming soon!
  18. Watching The OC on Hulu – I know, this sounds SO lame, haha. But we’re watching it with a group of people and gabbing about how good/bad it is. Just something light and silly to watch together.
  19. Filing our taxes – Boring, but necessary.
  20. Filling out our 2020 Census form – Quick and easy; you should do it too!
  21. Constructing a Game of Thrones Lego Dragon… and lots of puzzles.
  22. Lots of at home facials.
  23. A little retail therapy… Ok, a lot of retail therapy.
  24. Getting creative with dinner and using the grill again.
  25. Reading before bed – After weeks of watching the news and looking up stats before bed, we’ve started putting our phones down and reading for 30 min to an hour before bed. This has really helped our moods and sleep!
  26. Sending in our absentee ballots! Click here to register for your WI absentee ballot!

What are some things you’ve been up to lately? Any fun social distancing activities or projects we should add to our list?

Photo credit : Studio 29 Photography

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