How to Help During COVID-19

How to Help During COVID-19

While looking for more content ideas for you guys, and while I am done making Quarantine To Do Lists and posts on what to do around your house during this time, I received a request to to put together a list of ways to help during COVID-19 and I wanted to deliver. Below are specific action items, links and resources for you to utilize during this time to help your family, friends, healthcare workers, and yourself!

Stay home

The #1 thing you can do to help healthcare workers right now is STAY HOME! I know it’s hard to not see your family and friends, but remember this… The more disciplined we are now, the faster this will all be over. Our grandparents were called to war. We’ve been summoned to our couch. We can do this!!

Donate to your local hospital

Since I know a lot of you are from the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, I wanted to provide links to some hospitals that are accepting donations. Simply click on any of the hospital links below to find what and where you can donate to help during COVID-19.

Milwaukee Area Hospitals

Chicago Area Hospitals

Donate blood

While donated blood is always a great way to help your community, now is a perfect time to contact your local centers. Click the following links for Blood Center of Wisconsin or the Red Cross to find a location to donate near you.

Donate to Shelters & Causes

I know we are all struggling right now, but if you find yourself with extra food, supplies, or other resources, consider donating them to a local or national shelter. Here are a few national charities that are accepting donations during this time for food, pet supplies, medical supplies, unemployment support and more. I also encourage you to research shelters in your community if you want to help locally.

Use and donate masks

The CDC has great resources on how to properly wear and make cloth face masks. Click here to learn more on how to wear your own, or how to make masks to donate.

Learn about Cross Contamination

Learning about cross contamination is just an important as washing your hands properly! Below are some great videos that my friend, who is a RN at Rush University Medical Center, shared with me. Give them a watch and learn how you can help prevent the spread of germs.

Shop less/Shop Local/Utilize in-store or curbside pick up

We, personally, have been trying to stock up for two weeks at a time. This allows us to go to the store to stock up on essentials, while also not hoarding goods from families that may need it. If you need to go to the store, try to go to stores that are following good social distancing procedures, and are only allowing a certain number of people in the store at a time (Trader Joe’s and Costco have great policies in place). We have also tried Target’s curbside pick up and it was awesome if you prefer a complete contactless shopping experience.

For fresh produce, sign up for Imperfect Produce to have fresh food delivered to your door each week!

You can also support your local economy and shop at local grocers and restaurants during this time. If you don’t feel comfortable ordering take out, buy some gift cards that you can use later!

Check in with your friends and family

Check in with your loved ones during this time. A simple call to your grandparents or a hand written letter can truly mean the world. Here are some ideas on how you can care for your loved ones from afar…

  • Go grocery shopping for someone who is immunocompromised (with contactless delivery)
  • Send a care package or thank you note to a friend who works in healthcare
  • Ask how they are! (While this is important, one thing to remember when talking to a loved one that works in healthcare is that they might not want to talk about work. Even though you might think you’re allowing them to vent, this is a very traumatic time for them, and they might need to leave work at work. Be respectful, and remember to ask if they’re ok to talk about it or not.)
  • Give a friend or family member a call during your daily walk
  • Send someone a text saying “I love you”
  • Make a sign and drive past a loved one’s house to deliver it

Ask for Help

It’s ok to not be ok. I have linked some additional recourses below for anyone who might need further guidance during this time.

If you have anything that you think would help during COVID-19, please comment below and I can add it to this list! Together we can slow the spread and flatten the curve 🙂

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