2020 Travel Plans & Goals

Travel Plans

As everyone shares their 2020 goals, I thought I’d share my major travel plans for the upcoming year, as well as a few travel related goals I have for the new year.

Cancun, Mexico

Our first trip in 2020 is to Mexico! We are taking a family vacation later this month with Brian’s brother’s, our sister-in-law, our three nieces and his parents. I have never been on a winter getaway before, so I am very excited to head somewhere warm to break up the cold Wisconsin winter. Keep you eye’s peeled for my packing list and our travel itinerary soon!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has been at the top of my list for a long time (we almost went there on our honeymoon)! And after getting a guide book for our anniversary last year, we started planning a long European vacation for this summer.

Lisbon & Porto, Portugal

Since we’re going to Spain, we thought, why not throw in Portugal, too?! And, to be honest, it wouldn’t be a Summerfield vacation if we weren’t running around to see everything we possible could. Right now, we are planning on four days in Barcelona, followed by two days in Lisbon and two days in Porto.

2020 Travel Goals

  1. Be more organized when traveling – I just got packing cubes for Christmas and I am SO excited to use them.
  2. Pack lighter – I wouldn’t say I am a classic over-packer, but I definitely pack multiple outfits and end up wearing basically the same thing every day while on a trip.
  3. Create a Travel Capsule Wardrobe – Along the lines of over-packing, I have really been wanting to create a capsule wardrobe for traveling. I am hoping to do this before our trip to Spain!
  4. Improve my photography/camera skills – I want to improve my camera skills for many reasons. But, in particular, I want to be able to spend less time worrying about taking “the perfect photo” and more time being in the moment with my husband when on vacation.

Do you have any travel plans or goals this year? Tell me in the comments below!

  1. pedrol says:

    Dear Kelly, it was nice to read your plan to visit my country, Portugal. I am from Lisbon but currently i am living in Porto, so if you need any tip feel free to ask! happy new year 🙂 PedroL

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