Feeling at Home in a New Neighborhood

Feeling At Home in a New Neighborhood

Let’s face it, putting a new house together is stressful! And being in a new neighborhood, even if it’s your dream neighborhood, can be scary and different. Even though we bought our house for it’s location (amongst other reasons), it still took a while for it to really feel like home. That feeling of “home” can simply come with time, but there were a few things we’ve been doing to make our house feel more and more like home each day.

Take a Walk

One of my favorite things to do with Brian is take walks around our neighborhood. While we were still renting, and we would walk through the neighborhood talking about our days, the future and pointing out the pretty homes we liked.

When we bought our first house, I couldn’t wait for our first evening stroll. It was the perfect way to get acclimated to our neighborhood right away. See the side streets, walk past the school and wave hello to the kids riding their bikes. It helped us learn the area and even spot some new places we wanted to try.

Invite Friends and Family Over

One of the first things I wanted to do when we moved in was invite people over! Sure, I wanted to get the house as perfect as we could and not have our junk everywhere and in boxes, but if Chris Loves Julia has taught me anything, it’s “don’t wait!”

Don’t wait to make memories in your new home. Having friends and family over will help make your house immediately feel like home, and will help you feel more acclimated to your new neighborhood when you show off your new digs.

Introduce Yourself

It might feel really awkward at first, but introducing yourself to your neighbors will really help you feel apart of the neighborhood. You can simply knock on their door to say “hi,” or it can be as simple as saying hello to anyone that walks by when your gardening on a Saturday afternoon.

We’ve also had neighbors come over when they saw us working outside to introduce themselves, or bring us a little welcome-to-the-neighborhood cake. You don’t to meet everyone all in one weekend, but making an effort to reach out is always a great way to get to know everyone around you.

Try the Local Fare

We love our neighborhood because there are a ton of bars and restaurants really close by. Be sure to pick a new spot once in a while so you can find some local favorites! We love having a “regular” spot and being able to give recommendations to friends who come visit.

Participate in Neighborhood Events

This was very important to Brian and I when we were looking for a home. We wanted to not only find a great house for our future family, but we wanted a neighborhood that we could really be apart of. Check to see if your neighborhood has a Facebook Group or an Association. These are both great ways to get involved and know when the cookie exchange or block party is. Not to mention, another great way to meet your neighbors!

What are some ways that you felt more at home in a new area?

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