Coping with Travel Anxiety

Travel Anxiety

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get anxiety related to travel. I worry about everything going smoothly, getting to places on time, what to pack, etc. That’s why I have put together a list of things to do to help keep your anxiety low during travel.

Do Your Research

Researching a destination prior to travel always makes me feel more at ease. Knowing even just a little bit about the city or area helps be know what to expect during a trip, what to pack, and so on! Your research doesn’t need to be extensive, just take 30 minutes to do some searching on the internet. You’ll be surprised at how much info you can find.

Make Lists

I like making lists and itineraries for pretty much anything, so why stop with travel?! Here are the different lists I make to keep everything organized and low-stress…

  • A Detailed Itinerary (filled with flight confirmation numbers and times, along with hotel confirmation numbers, address/phone number and checkin/check out times)
  • Packing List (including clothes, electronics, toiletries and accessories)
  • Bucket List (everything I want to do and see when on my trip)

Pack Ahead of Time

I always like having everything packed and ready to go the night before a flight. Whether I’m traveling first thing in the morning, or later in the day, it makes it so much easier knowing that everything is ready to go whenever I am.

Keep a Trip Folder Handy

No matter how long the trip, I always like to keep what I call a “trip folder” with me in my carry-on. This folder has everything from my itinerary, to my packing and bucket list, to my passport. Having a trip folder easily accessible when traveling ensures I have anything I need at my fingertips and I don’t have to spend time looking through emails on my phone to find a confirmation number or how to access our airbnb key code. Keeping everything all in one place saves a lot of time, and can keep your anxiety levels low!

Give Yourself Time

To be exact, I like to allow two hours for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international. A lot of people look at me like a I crazy for arriving this early, especially when flying out of a smaller airport like Milwaukee. But, growing up flying out of O’Hare, I just learned that you never know how long security is going to take or what types of setbacks you might run into. To keep myself sane, I like to have plenty of cushion time and then I can just relax once I am past security. A little extra time never hurt anybody, and it eliminates the possibility of getting lost in a large airport and having to running to your gate!

Plan a Treat for Yourself

Since I always get to airports early, I like to plan what I am going to do once I’m checked in and through TSA. Whether it’s getting breakfast, or grabbing a drink at a bar, I like to treat myself! To me, vacation start once I am past security, so get settled in and enjoy!

Find Supplemental Aids That Work for You

If you need a little more than extra time and organization to keep calm during major travel, you can always look into supplements to help you cope. Essential oils or CBD are great options for a natural approach! If you think you need a little more intervention, talk to your doctor to help understand what your body needs.

What helps you most when you have travel anxiety? Did I leave any good tips out?

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