Less Than 60 Days To Find A House

House Hunt Update

With our lease ending at the end of July, we are starting to feel the pressure of our house hunt. We are working closely with our realtor, and have spent hours searching the MLS, touring homes and discussing pros and cons of every house we enter.

Even though we’ve only been searching since April, it’s starting to feel like a lifetime. We are more than ready to find our starter home. Since it’s been a while since we announced our plans to move, I wanted to share a bit more on how it’s going and where we’re at in our search!

Where are you looking?

After looking at a lot of different neighborhoods, we have our hearts set on East Wauwatosa and Greendale. We still have our perimeters set wide, but we typically will only look at homes outside of our dream neighborhoods if they are really special.

Are you finding homes you like?

Yes and no. We have seen over 20 homes, and lost the first home we bid on to an “arms length” offer. We have seen some great houses, but we just haven’t found “the one.” We are starting to see the market slow down, but are hoping it will pick up once the school year is over in mid-June.

Are you renewing your lease?

Unfortunately, we are unable to renew our lease. We currently live on the upper level of a duplex, and our landlord wants to move into our unit. We were offered the lower level, but it would cost just as much there as a mortgage, so we decided to pass on it. Which means, if we don’t find a home in time, we will have to move and do a month-to-month lease.

Stay tuned for more updates! We can’t wait to share more!

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