My Favorite Milwaukee Coffee Shops

If you couldn’t tell from the name of my site, I love coffee! I love the warm and fuzzy feeling from holding a hot mug, the smell of a freshly brewed pot in the morning, and even the experience you get when going to a cafe to slowly enjoy a cup on a Saturday morning. So this week, I am rounding up my favorite Milwaukee coffee shops for you guys!


Colectivo is a local chain that quickly grew to other cities like Madison and Chicago! They have great drinks and treats, even sandwiches for a quick lunch. My favorite part of all locations is the atmosphere. The cafe by our house has swinging tables and chairs outside, and huge accordion windows that open up the whole shop to the outdoors. It’s a great place to hang with friends, read a book, or work on a blog post.

Colectivo Coffee Bay View

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.

Another local cafe, Anodyne is a small batch roaster that brews a mean cup o’ Joe! All of their cafes have an inviting atmosphere (some with pizza!), and you can purchase their beans on site.

Valentine Coffee Co.

Visit Valentine Coffee’s Tasting Room for your favorite espresso drinks. They have everything from cappuccinos, lattes, and even infused beer and wine! With a daily selections of local bakery treats, there’s really no wrong way to enjoy this local spot.


I discovered Kickapoo just over a year ago when I started my new advertising job. My office is right above it, so it started off as a convenient place to grab a morning jolt and has quickly became a favorite! They have delicious, organic coffee and tasty bakery items. My go-to is a large maple latte (with oat milk), and a bacon cheddar chive scone!

Kickapoo Coffee

Alderaan Coffee

Not only does this coffee shop have great brews, but they also have unique house made flavors, including French Lavender and Salted Vanilla Carmel! Stop in to enjoy the funky atmosphere, and head out to explore the Milwaukee River and Brewer’s Hill neighborhood.

Stone Creek Coffee

If you are looking for a great place to catch up on some reading or have a chill afternoon, Stone Creek Coffee is a great place to stop. They have a bunch of great roasts to choose from, and they even have a coffee of the month subscription!

What’s your favorite place to stop for coffee in the morning? Is there a spot where you could hang out all day?

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