How to Take Small Trips Throughout the Year

While I would love to plan multiple trips abroad every year, the amount of PTO I get needs to be used wisely! Taking mini vacations throughout the year is a great way to spread out your vacation time and enjoy travel year round instead of saving up for one huge trip. Whether it’s a girls weekend or a quick romantic getaway, I’ve learned some great ways to make quick trip planning fun and simple!

Check Your Schedule For The Year

At the beginning of the year, I always like to block off my “must take” PTO days. If I have a wedding, pre-planned family trip, bachelorette party, etc. That way I have those days approved and on my work calendar and I know how many vacation days I have to spare. (I also like to leave a day or two for around the holidays.) After my “must take” PTO days are set, I can then see how many I have left for small trips or longer vacations.

Take Advantage of Holiday Weekends

Speaking of marking your calendar… While you’re at it, take a look at where holiday weekends fall! I love tacking on a personal day to a long weekend. This is an easy way to get a longer vacation without even taking that many days off. Turn a holiday weekend into a four-day vacation with just taking one day off of work!

Turn Business into Pleasure

Going on a work trip? Add an extra day or two after your business is over! This is a great way to enjoy a new destination and actually see the places you travel to for work.

Bonus tip: have your partner tag along! Depending on the trip, companies allow you to bring a guest or spouse with. You’re able to share your hotel, and you can hang out at the end of your work day. (Which kinda turns the whole trip into a mini vacation. It’s a win-win for everyone!)

Get A Credit Card with Travel Rewards

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended the Capital One Venture Card to people! I love the point system and it’s SO easy to use. You simply use it like a normal credit card, and then you can use the app to redeem ANY travel related purchases (hotels, airbnbs, ubers, flights, etc.). And I love that I don’t have to shop a certain airline or hotel to be able to use my points. Look into what cards might work best for your life/travel style, you’d be surprised how much you can save. You might even be able to get a short trip for free with points!

Stay Local

Taking a trip doesn’t mean you have to travel far! Keeping your trips more local will enable you spend less time on traveling, and more time vacationing! Check out cities that are within driving distance, or take a camping trip at one of your state parks. Even planning a staycation in your our city can give you some much needed R&R and help you see your hometown in a new light.

No matter how you plan your travel, make sure to take advantage of your PTO, and don’t let it run out! Everyone deserves time to relax and explore new places.

What are some small trips you like to take? Do you have any fun tips to make your PTO go a long way?

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