We Bought A House!

We Bought a House

Welp, it’s official. After 3 months of searching, and seeing close to 30 houses, we are now homeowners! The last month has been an emotional rollercoasters, and if you haven’t noticed I’ve been keeping kinda quiet for a while. Truth be told, buying a house is pretty draining. Super exciting and amazing… but very emotionally and physically exhausting. Because we’ve been so busy with inspections and figuring out house projects (on top of being nervous that something was going to go wrong before we closed), I just decided to take a little break from blogging. But we made it, and we are so excited to finally have the keys to our first house!

I will have pictures of the inside up soon. But first, a little about the house… It was built in 1926 and is a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom, 1.5 story. (Yes that’s a thing! Basically, the attic had a dormer put in to make half of the attic into a bedroom.) It’s been updated with electrical and central heat and air, but it still has the perfect amount of charm and character that we were looking for in our first home.

We found our home just over a month ago and funny enough, it was actually a little too quirky for me when we first walked through, and I said “no” (gasp!). But Brian asked me to think about it, because it was a great house and in a perfect location. And after walking through it three times, I realized he was right. We put in an offer, and it was accepted the next day! (Big shoutout to our realtor, Chuck Minette, for being an absolute champ, sticking with us through our home search, and knowing exactly how to make the previous owners an offer they couldn’t refuse!)

We closed this afternoon, and plan to start painting and making a few repairs this weekend. I will be posting a little home tour soon, but for now we are just so incredibly happy and excited to officially have the keys.

We can’t wait to share more soon and keep you updated on how we’re making our house a home! 🙂

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