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Booking an Airbnb and staying in someone else’s home can sound a little scary. But after staying in several properties in the US, in Europe, and even on our honeymoon in Iceland, I have found that it is one of my favorite parts about traveling! Staying in a local apartment or home can help you immerse yourself in the community and culture of your destination. As well as help you experience new things while traveling!

While some of you might already be on the home rental trend, I always find people that seem a little hesitant to try it. That’s why I have put together some simple ways to get the best experience with your rental, and help you feel safe and comfortable during your stay.

Book as early as you can

I have found that booking as early as possible ensures that you get your top picks, the best locations and the coolest properties. I have run into trouble when looking for rentals just to see what’s out there, and then waiting weeks to book only to find that the properties I was interested in were already booked. If you know your exact dates, there is no need to wait on booking your accommodations! Conduct your search and picking your property ahead of time will ensure you get the right location. It can also give you more time to research other things in the area like restaurants and attractions.

Filter for super hosts

Worried about getting a host with poor ratings? Filter for “Super Hosts!” This is a great feature, especially for first time users on Airbnb. It allows you to filter out poorly rated hosts, and ensures that your stay will go off without a hitch. I always book with super hosts when using Airbnb. They are always very responsive if I have questions, and check in and check outs are always a breeze.

Airbnb Super Host

Be sure to use additional filters to suit your needs

In addition to selecting Super Hosts, Airbnb has a multitude of filters so you can find a property to fit your needs. Use filters to search for spaces with things like free parking, number of beds/rooms, free wifi, and more! You can even search for a certain type of property if you are looking for something specific. The more specific you can get, the more enjoyable and tailored your experience will be!

Utilized the host’s amenities

Property Amenities

Really want to enjoy your Airbnb? Take advantage of its amenities! Filters are available for certain items like hot tubs, pools and gyms. If you wanted to use your rental as a place for a little R&R, be sure to use any and all filters! (This is also another reason to book early so that your perfect rental doesn’t get swooped up!)

Don’t be afraid of shared spaces

If you are only using your accommodations for sleeping, don’t be afraid to book a shared space. I know it can seem intimidating at first, but we have stayed in multiple shared properties, and we have never had a problem. All rooms should have their own locks, and we typically never even run into other visitors. This is also a great way to save money, since shared propertied are typically cheaper than booking an entire apartment or home.

What are some of your favorite tips to booking a vacation rental? Have you had any particularly great experiences? As always, feel free to leave any questions on booking your next vacation below!

  1. So far, never had a bad Airbnb experience! All with super hosts and all booked last minute. Highly recommend Airbnb, especially if the place is out of the way of high tourist areas

    • Kelly Summerfield says:

      I totally agree! I’ve used it in some many different places and all of our hosts and accommodations have been wonderful. 😊 Thanks for reading!

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