Getting Back to Reality After Vacation

Vacation to Reality

Let’s be honest, coming home from vacation is bitter sweet. On one hand, it’s great to be home after hours of travel and days of being out of your normal rhythm. But on the other hand, it’s back to reality and work. Alllll of the things you were trying to vacate from in the first place… ick!

After getting back from our recent spring break trip (see adorable Airbnb above), I’ve felt totally out of wack and behind on a bunch of stuff. This post bring one of them! So, I wanted to share a few things that tend help me get back into the swing of things and transition from vacation life back to home life.

Clean before you leave

I know I’ve mentioned that I love cleaning our house prior to traveling before, but this deserves honorable mention here. Cleaning your house before you go on a trip, ensures that you can come home to a stress free environment. It really helps not having to worry about tidying up for your week ahead. Already tidy up before a trip? Take it one step further and leave a set of clothes out for the day after you get home. That way, all you need to do is sleep once you arrive from a long journey home.

But first, unpack

Depending on what time of day I get back from a trip, I like to unpack right away. This gets me ready to take on the next day and not feel like all of my essentials are all over the place. Getting ready the next morning is much more simplified when I know where my toothbrush and mascara are!

Treat yourself

Getting up and going to work the day after vacation is ROUGH. Treat yourself to your favorite latte, and head to work with a smile on your face! Anything to give you a jolt of energy to take on your inbox and kick some ass!

Another thing I like to do is treat myself with an at home facial and a little me time. Vacations, can be great, but if you’re constantly with family and friends, you don’t get much time to unwind by yourself. Take 30 minutes, and give yourself a little self care when you’re back home. You won’t regret it.

Give yourself some grace

Change is hard! Even though vacations can be relaxing and exciting, they are also very taxing on our bodies. Flying, new foods, new experiences, exploring new places, can all be hard on your body. So, don’t be hard on yourself! Give yourself a breather, and get back into the swing of things gradually. Maybe have a relaxing weekend at home, or try to take an extra vacation day in between going back to work. Whatever helps you get back into your routine and feel balanced.

I hope some of these leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get back to reality! (And start planning your next vacation, haha!)

What are some of your post-vacation transition tips? Anything special you do when you get back from a trip?

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