Mid-Week Pick-Me-Ups

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Ups

It’s officially the dead of winter here in Wisconsin, and I am starting to need some motivation to get me through the last few months of cold weather! While I am a big fan of practicing hygge, winters can still get pretty dreary in the midwest. So, I have started to add some things into my winter self care routine to keep my spirits up. I’ve discovered that having little mid-week pick-me-ups can really help kick-start my motivation and get me through the work week.

I call it “Wellness Wednesdays” (patent pending, lol). In the middle of the work week, I like to give myself a little extra care, and I have found some pretty simple ways to get the job done!

Wash My Hair

I typically wash my hair 2-3 times a week, and have been getting into the habit of making sure to wash it mid-week. Having freshly washed hair always makes me feel clean and put together, so I like adding this to my Wednesday night routine. I’ll let my hair air dry overnight, and spray it with heat protecting spray before straightening it in the morning. After, I love adding one drop of Moroccan oil to the ends of my hair to keep it smooth, shiny and soft.


Is it just me, or do you feel like a whole new woman after you shave your legs (…anyone?)? While winter is a perfect time to give yourself a break in this department, taking a little more time to primp and pamper yourself never hurt anyone, ammiright? 😉


Once out of the shower, I take this time to moisturize. I am really bad at remembering to use lotion, so carving out some time at least once a week is a lifesaver for me. I just starting using Beautycounter Adaptive Body Moisturizer and really love the results! It adapts to your skin to give it exactly what it needs, which is amazing! (Especially in the dry winter months.)

Face Masks

I love using face masks; sometimes multiple times a week. But doing one half-way through the week can be a fun pick-me-up and make an ordinary night feel like a spa day.

Skincare Pick-Me-Ups

Typically, I start with a Biore pore strip while I lather on my favorite body lotion. After 10 minutes, I will remove the strip and use a charcoal mask for about 15 minutes. Some weeks, I’ll stop here, rinse my face and put on some facial moisturizer. But, if I have time, I like to do another mask after my charcoal mask. (Take the bad out, the put the good in). In the winter, I love doing moisturizing masks that have rose or aloe in them!

Complete a Miscellaneous Home Project/Task

This might sound more daunting than it actually is, but I like getting something done around the house to make the rest of my week less stressful. It can be anything from putting away dirty dishes, to getting my gym bag put together, or folding laundry. Doing something simple can really help you feel less flustered, and it could get something off of your to do list for the weekend!

Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for a few months, and love the results! I try to use them daily, but make a point to diffuse something uplifting or to help me sleep half way through the week. I love using a wellness roller on bottoms of my feet before bed in the winter to help prevent illness, and diffusing lavender when we are getting ready for bed to aid with restful sleep.

All of these steps might seem like a lot, but this really only takes me about a hour or so to get everything done. And even if I complete just a few of these steps, I feel better and ready to tackle the rest of the week. I hope everyone feels motivated to hop on the Wellness Wednesday bandwagon!

What are some of your mid-week pick-me-ups? Do you have any favorite wellness routines?

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