Becoming More Environmentally Conscious

Love the Environment

I’ve recently been trying to be more conscious about our lifestyle and how it effects the environment. I started looking through our house, and tried to find simple swaps that we could implement. And it was actually easier than you may think! So on this happy Earth Day, I wanted to share some of the changes we’ve made!

Buy recycled paper products

This was a pretty simple swap that we recently started doing. (And amazon made it super easy with setting up repeat delivery!) we switched to Seventh Generation toilet paper and paper towel, which is made from recycled paper! I’m strangely picky about my paper products, and I actually love this brand! Toilet paper is something that everyone needs to use, so it’s nice to know I’m at least using a recycled product instead of cutting down more trees.

Use rags and washcloths for cleaning

While we still use paper towels for quick clean ups with spills, we have started using rags and washcloths for cleaning all surfaces. This might seem like a small adjustment, but our amount or garbage at the end of the week has drastically decreased!

Use re-usable cotton pads

When I first saw these, I thought, “This is a thing?? Who knew?!” I ordered a 16 pack of bamboo pads from Amazon, and immediately fell in love! They come with a zipper bag that you can throw in the washing machine, and they are so easy to just store in a mason jar in our bathroom. Again, a super simple swap that drastically lowered our amount of trash each week.

Bamboo Facial Pads

Stopped buying bathroom cups

I feel like not many people use those little paper bathroom cups, but I grew up always having them! It’s something I never thought twice about buying, but after taking a look at what we could do to reduce our waste, this was a no brainer. We stopped buying them and just put a pretty white cup in the bathroom that we throw in the dishwasher each week. Problem solved!

Switched to non-toxic cleaning products

Environmentally Safe Cleaners

I have been using Branch Basics for almost a year, and I love all of the ways I can use it! (I’ve been using it a ton around the house for Spring Cleaning!) It’s 100% plant-based, and it actually get the job done! I would highly recommend you order yourself a bottle 😉

Bought a collapsable/re-usable straw

Another Amazon find! I never really thought this was a huge thing you could to to help the environment, but when I started thinking of all the times we go to dinner or I go to lunch with my co-workers, almost every drink I order come with a straw! (When you think about it, it’s kind of mind blowing!) I found this compact re-usable straw to keep in my purse. It comes with a cleaning brush and a travel case, which makes it very easy to travel with!

What do you do to help the environment? Big or small, comment below!

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