Loving Your Friends

Loving your Friends

Keeping your friends close can be really hard as an adult! Many of my childhood friends live in the Chicago area, while Brian’s live in Green Bay. Staying connected can be hard since we live far apart and are all enter new stages at different times. Some are single or newly engaged, while others have purchased a home and are already having kids.

It can make planning dinner dates and events difficult, sometimes even impossible. But, showing your friends some love doesn’t need to be complicated! I have learned in the last couple of years, there are simple things we can do to keep our friends apart of our ever-changing lives. 

Set aside time for them

The fact that you need to schedule time with friends a month in advance can be frustrating, and even a little upsetting. But, it’s a necessary evil of keeping up with relationships. Look at your calendar and send some times for a dinner date or girls weekend! It might take some time to find something that works for everyone, but in the end, it will make getting together attainable.

Celebrate them

Does your friend have a birthday coming up? Did they get a new job? Buy a house? Celebrate them! Attend their baby showers and housewarming parties. Support them!

And if you can physically be there, sending little gifts or flowers is a great way to show you’re still thinking of them. Greetabl has great little gift boxes for almost every occasion that you can personalize! It’s a small, but really, fun way to show your friends you care.

Cheer them on… literally!

Being a cheerleader for your friends is easy! Send them a text of encouragement if they’re busy at work, or if you simply feel like telling them you love and miss them. On top of sending them words of encouragement, you can even be present for special events in their lives; like if they’re running a marathon or are volunteering at an event. Just being there is a great way to see each other and show your friends some support.

Use technology to your advantage

I know this can be annoying, but I have group texts and snapchats with several friend groups. This type of technology was invented for a reason, use it to your advantage! Even if it’s sending silly pictures back and forth to each other, or talking about random nonsense, it can still strengthen your bond and keep your friends up to date on your life.

Send snail mail

Last but not least, sending something in the mail is a simple and inexpensive way to, quite literally, send some love. Brian and I have gotten into the habit of sending cards to our friends for a number of occasions, like birthdays, engagements or congratulating friends on a new baby. Mail is somewhat of a dying art, so it can feel special to receive a card out of the blue every now and then.

What are some ways your show your friends some love?

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