Girls Weekend in Lake Geneva

Before the busy Summer sets in, a few girlfriends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Lake Geneva. A quick little getaway before our schedules explode and the only time we will see each other is at bridal showers or weddings.

Surprisingly, this was our first EVER girls weekend! And I was honestly shocked at the fact that we don’t do this more often. With our professions ranging from nurse, to pharmacist, to the business world, personal time can be limited, so we have never thought to drop everything for a whole weekend and just relax. But taking a weekend to ourselves was just what we needed to recharge and spend time with each other.

The weekend started off with a very low key Friday night in. Pajamas, wine, and at home spa treatments were the perfect kick-off to a relaxing weekend (not to mention it was pretty inexpensive).

On top of our face and hair masks, we, of course, had to celebrate a recent birthday with cupcakes and an interesting rendition of “Happy Birthday.”


Saturday’s agenda included Chakra Balancing Massages and Mani/Pedis at the spa, followed by diner at Sopra. We got dolled up and indulged in mounds of pasta and bread; the perfect Saturday night in our minds.

Sopra had a great atmosphere and the wait staff was very nice and attentive. They had a great menu, but we all, of course, ordered some sort of pasta. And, even though we had plenty of treats back at the hotel, I had to order a tiramisu to-go.


On Sunday, we headed out to one of our favorite spots for breakfast, Egg Harbor Cafe. While this is a chain, and usually packed, we grew up going to one in our hometown and all love the food and service. It’s a classic breakfast spot if you are ever in the area.

Before we had to pack up and head home, we walked around the town a bit. It was a rainy and grey weekend, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it! The town and lake were quiet, and the trees we just starting to bloom flowers. The grass had finally turned green after a long winter and the air was humid, but cool. Our hair wasn’t a huge fan of the weather, but we enjoyed our last morning with coffees and a friendly duck that stopped by as we sat by the lake.


As our first girls weekend came to a close, we decided to try to make it a seasonal tradition. Of course, with our schedules, the next girls weekend won’t happen until December (typical), but we can’t wait!

Are their any great Girls Weekend destinations that you love? Where should we go on our next trip?

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