Wedding Season Essentials


Wedding season is officially here! Our first of seven (yes seven) weddings of the year was this past weekend, so I wanted to round up my wedding season essentials for you guys. There are a few tried and true items that I always bring with me to weddings, as well as some new additions to my closet this year.

What to Wear

This year, I finally decided to invest in some classic dresses that were no longer from my college days. I’ve never really been into “fast fashion,” but I realized at the end of last summer that most of my dresses were either too short for my comfort or just didn’t fit right anymore.

I know that quality dresses can get pricey, but I rationalized with myself that if they are classic styles, and I know I will wear them to at least two occasions within the year, then buying them is worth it. I typically like solid colors and I tend to get nervous when buying bold patterns, so I opted for two simple styles from Nordstrom and the Gal Meets Glam Collection. My first purchase was a Dress the Population Alicia Mixed Media Midi Dress and the Hillary dress from Gal Meets Glam.


In addition to these dresses, I also got my first ever jumpsuit (very exciting)! I have a short torso, so I never thought rompers or jumpsuits looked flattering on me. But, I hadn’t tried one in a long time, so I thought I’d test the waters with a classic black jumpsuit. To my surprise, I absolutely love it! The one I got is more a thicker material, so it’s slightly fancier than a cotton jumpsuit and perfect for rehearsal dinners or weddings! And, since it’s black, it literally goes with any accessory you pair it with. (win-win!)

If you are not looking to spending a ton of money, or don’t have a need to purchase a dress, Rent the Runway is always a great option. I lived in Rent the Runway last summer when I had a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party almost every weekend. You can sort all of their dresses by color, size and even the type of event you’re going to. But, my favorite feature of the site is all of the reviews. When you find the dresses you like, you can see real girls in the dresses, see what size they typically are and what size they wore. It can take some extra research to find a dress that will fit you well, but I think it’s a great way to get a beautiful dress for much cheaper then what you would buy it for.


I have never really had knack for accessorizing, but I always say, “when in doubt keep it classic.” I typically will pair any dress/jumpsuit with a nude or black heel. I have also never been the type of girl that can walk in high heels, especially when the heel is skinny, so I am loving the block heels that are out right now! I bought some in nude and black that are simple and can basically go with everything.


Along with shoes, I tend to keep my jewelry pretty simple too, but every now and then I get something out of the ordinary. This year I purchased a few earrings from Bauble Bar, and love them! They are fun and light weight; the perfect statement piece and great for dancing all night.


Last but not least, the clutch! Like shoes, I think every girl should have a nude and a black clutch. They’re easy to pair with any outfit and (when on the larger side) great for holding all of my stuff. On top of having your classic clutches, it’s always fun to brighten up your outfit with a colorful patterned clutch, or one with sparkle.


What to Bring

Whenever I go to a wedding, there are a few things that I never leave the house without.

Travel size tissues are a must when your cryer like me! In addition to tissues, I also like to carry some extra cover up and eye liner with me for touch ups after the ceremony, or later in the evening.

One thing that I always seem to forget when I go to weddings is cash! City girl at heart, I never carry cash on me and always pay with credit card… 9 times out of 10 I can find an ATM near by, but even if it’s an open bar, you gotta tip your bartenders! 😉

On top of my beauty essentials and cash, I always bring a pair of flats/sandals and bandaids with me in case of blisters from heels or if my feet get tired (it’s a long day!). If my purse is big enough, I’ll put them in there, or I just leave them in the car and grab them if I need them. And while I’m not totally opposed to going out on the dance floor barefoot, having another option is always nice.

This last one may seem like a no-brainer, but since I am a total planner freak I always bring the wedding invitation and information with me. I like doing this so that I have all of the information at my fingertips. I know most people have wedding websites with all the info, but I can never remember the URL, so I like to have it with me so I either look something up on my phone, or peak at the invitation to make sure I’m on time for cocktail hour. If you hate carrying paper around, simply take a snapshot of the invite, then you can always have the info right in your phone.

What are some of your wedding guest essentials? Is there anything you have ever forgotten and really wish you hadn’t?

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