Something Old, Something New

I have always loved traditions and symbolism, so it’s no surprise that I used both throughout our wedding day. The poem “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue,” is something that most brides honor on their wedding day to bring them luck and a happy marriage, so I wanted to share what I had with me at our wedding.

Something Old
My “something old” was an item that has been past down in my family for many generations; a diamond cross. This necklace came from Sicily with my great great grandmother in the 1880’s, and has been passed down to the women in my family on their wedding day. I was the 5th generation in my family to wear it the morning of their wedding, and will hold onto the necklace until, one day, we have a daughter and she gets married.


Something New

In addition to my wedding dress, my “something(s) new” were my accessories. My earrings, bracelet and my veil were all from Sara Gabriel. I wanted to have a classic look for my wedding day, so I went with a vintage looking pearl and diamond earrings and a matching bracelet.


As for my veil, I have always loved long veils and trains. I had a plain tulle cathedral length veil with a fingertip length blusher. If I could wear something from my wedding day over and over again, it would be my veil. I just loved how bridal it made me feel. I just loved wearing it around Milwaukee with the wind blowing it every which way.


Something Borrow, Something Blue
You may have noticed a blue tie in one of the pictures above. This is my step-dad’s tie that I had wrapped around my bouquet to walk with me down the isle. (I also had my family cross pinned into my bouquet.) His tie was my something borrowed and something blue! Your something borrowed is meant to be from a happily married friend or family member, it symbolizes the community that surrounds you on your wedding day. I knew I wanted my step-dad to have a special role in our day, and I thought this would be a great way to honor his and my mom’s marriage.


Wedding Photos by: Better Together Photography

What special items did you have with you on your wedding day? Did you follow any other traditions?

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