How To Personalize Your Wedding

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Your wedding day can be many things, but the one thing it should always be is a personal experience for you and your spouse. There are so many ways to incorporate personal touches throughout your wedding to make it memorable for you as a couple. They don’t need to be big obvious things, just simple touches that make a whirlwind of a day that much more special. Here’s a few things you can do…

Include your fiancé
I am not going to lie, this one was hard for me! But this is a VERY important piece of making your wedding day personal; it needs to reflect both of you! We were told, before we really started planning, to each write a list of what was most important to us, and then share our lists with each other. This was a great way to understand what’s important to your partner, and what they want out of the day. This way, you can plan the event together and help each other get what you both want.

Have a friend officiate the ceremony
Having someone you know, as a couple, officiate your ceremony is a great way to make it feel intimate and very personal. We had my cousin, Michael, marry us and it was so awesome to go through the pre-wedding counseling with someone we knew and were comfortable with. It also made our ceremony really feel about us as a couple, and about our families coming together as one.

Even if you are unable to have a friend officiant, I would recommend getting to know your officiant/pastor, or even get married in the church you grew up in! It will really make you and your partner comfortable and add a personal touch to your day.

Our Ceremony

Have a unique “something blue”
There are many ways to incorporate your love story or personality to your wedding, and a fun way can be through your “something old, something new, something borrow and something blue!” Wrap your flowers in a blue tie from your hubby-to-be, or even sew a piece of a blue fabric into your dress. Anything meaningful to you will make this fun tradition that much more special.


Incorporate a theme
Do you have a favorite hobby? Movie? Favorite destination? Incorporate it in your wedding! A theme doesn’t need to be super obvious and in-your-face. You can add little touches through out your celebration to make it more about you and your spouse.We love to travel (obviously), so we had a few touches of our passion throughout our day. Our guest “book” was a vintage globe, and all of our table “numbers” were vintage looking postcards of different cities we’ve traveled to together. Simple, and our guests were able to see a little deeper into our relationship.

Do something different during your ceremony
Your wedding day centers around your ceremony, so make it special for you and your spouse! It can be as simple as having your mom’s light a unity candle together, or having a close relative read a bible verse or a poem that is meaningful to you. We went as big as writing our own vows (shockingly this was Brian’s idea!), and doing a traditional Celtic Handfasting ceremony.

Handfasting CeremonyNo matter what you decide on, adding small personal touches throughout your day will make it a day that you and your spouse will cherish for years to come.

How did you add personal touches at your wedding? What was the most memorable part of your day?

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  1. Bniconann says:

    I love this, especially your first tip. My fiance has brought to my attention that sometimes I’ll say “my wedding” and it’s so hard for me to keep him involved when he lets me make decisions! Haha. Great post!

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