Last Minute Party Decor

fullsizeoutput_25f4Sometimes a last minute gathering can be hard to plan for, but there are a few things you can keep on hand to pull out at a moments notice to make your home look festive.

Assorted Vases
I think everyone has a mason jar or two (or five) lying around the house, on top of vases or empty jars. Take out a few to place with your bar and as a centerpiece with some flowers or herbs from your garden. Quick, easy and smells great!

Who does have a boat-load of candles in their linen closet? Place assorted tea-light candles around your table and home for a warm and inviting look. Perfect for setting the mood and making your home look a little more fancy.

Assorted Plates and Glasses
If you have a patio and love hosting friends and family, keep a basket of colorful assorted plates at the ready for an outdoor get-together. Stock up on old plates and glasses at your nearest Goodwill, they don’t need to match! You can also use assorted mugs from around the house (don’t tell me you don’t have a cabinet full of them). This is a cheap and fun way to add some personality to your outdoor space, and you won’t be too worried about getting anything scratched or broken. And if you’re not a nervous-nelly like me, brake out the fancy china!


A Simple Table Cloth & Napkins
Using a basic table cloth and assorted napkins can really help in creating a cozy atmosphere for your home or outdoor space. Goodwill or T.J.Maxx can have great options for inexpensive table clothes and cloth napkins. And, like the plates, no need to make things match here! Using bright assorted colors and patterns is half the fun!

Store Bought or Garden Flowers
If you are running to the store to pick up some last minute drinks or appetizers, pick up some flowers while your at it! Grocery stores can have a great selection of flowers that you can mix and match to make a relaxed, but beautiful arrangement for your vases and jars at home. If you don’t have time to run to the store, pick some flowers fresh from your garden!


What other things do you keep on hand for when guests come over? Do you have any go-to home decor pieces?


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