Try The World- Thailand

It’s time for another installment of Try The World! This box is the Thailand box, filled with tea, dried jackfruit, taro chips, soup and much more! I enjoyed the snacks in the box and really loved the jackfruit. I tried to make the tea and the soup, which did not turn out very good, but I was successful in making beef curry with white rice and jasmine rice pudding.

The jasmine rice pudding was delicious! I never had jasmine rice before, so the fact that it was purple was very interesting to me. But creating the pudding was super easy and it tasted great! It was made with coconut milk and brown sugar, so it was very sweet. I also added a little mango as a garnish, so that made it even more tasty. I would highly recommend making it for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Now onto the dinner recipe! While I am not one for curry, I did have fun making this dish! It was a lot more ingredients than I typically cook with (I am not the most seasoned chef), and it took quite a while to make, but I think it turned out pretty good! I used my biggest pan to mix all of the spices to create the curry sauce and then slowly added in pieces of flank steak. Once everything was cooked, I served it in a bowl with white rice. While it wasn’t my favorite thing I have ever made, I still enjoyed trying something new!


I don’t think i’ll be cooking or ordering curry again anytime soon, but it was still really fun to cook and try new foods. And, if nothing else, the jasmine rice pudding made it all worth it! That is what the whole point of these boxes are, right!? Trying and experiencing other foods and cultures from around the world.

On the the next box of recipes!

What are some new things that you have tried recently? Any recipes you would recommend?

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