Goals for 2017


I got a little backed up on the blog with the holiday season, but I am ready to start this new year with a bang! In 2017, I have decided to focus on three main areas in my life; wellness, blogging and quality living. Here is a deeper look into the goals that I hope to accomplish this year…

1. Wellness

I feel like almost everyone has a fitness or wellness goal at the beginning of every year. Saying that they will go to the gym every day and always eat healthy… Well, thats not exactly my goal. I believe, that especially with health goals, you have to be REALISTIC! Having something that you can actually accomplish. My wellness goals for this next year are:

  • Work out 3 times a week to get “wedding day ready”
  • Drink Shakeology 5 times a week (it is a great way to get a lot of nutrients in 1 yummy shake)
  • Relaxing and taking time for myself
To accomplish all of these goals I bought a planner to use to schedule my work out time, my nutrition and writing down some ways to relax and take some time for myself. Writing everything down as a frame of reference for myself will hopefully make me successful with this goal!

2. Blogging

I started Passports and Cappuccinos in 2016, and am really excited to keep blogging this year! When I started this blog, I didn’t really have a plan to when I would post and how much time I would devote to it.

So this year, I want to make it a point to document the things in life that I am interested in and passionate about, as well as take time to learn and blog about new things. To do this, my goal is to blog 3 times a month! I am excited to get my creative juices flowing and start writing more this year!

3. More Quality, Less Quantity

I have noticed that as you get older, you accumulate more and more stuff. Whether it’s mixed matched kitchen supplies, clothes or an assortment of paperwork all over your kitchen table, we all have clutter in our lives. A goal of mine for 2017, is to start getting rid of the quantity of things in our home and focusing on the quality.

This means donating the clothes we don’t need, getting rid of the old cookware we don’t use and sorting through the random stacks of things that pile up in our closet and on our desk. I am hoping this will help me focus on the simpler things in life and help me see that it’s not about all having a large quantity of belongings. I love going through and organizing things, so this will be a great opportunity to cleanse the house and get a fresh look on simpler living.

While it may seem like I have quite a few goals this year, I really think they are all doable for me. They are tangible and realistic for my lifestyle, and I am excited to get after them. Cheers to a happy and exciting New Year!!

What are some of your New Year’s goals and what are you doing to stay on top of them?

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