Organizing Your Home

Organization has always been something I have loved and am fairly good at. My mom always says my life motto is, “a place for everything, everything in its place,” and she’s kinda right. I have always loved color coordination, binder tabs and everything being neat and tidy. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite organization/cleaning tips with you!

1. Pick A System That Works For You (And Stick To It!)

The hardest part about staying organized is picking a system and sticking to it! If you like to color-code your life like me, then go for it! Maybe you need everything to be electronic, or in a paper planner. Finding a system that works for you can take some time, but once you find what you like, it can be a real life saver.

I personally love Google Calendar. It allows me to share my calendar with anyone, and I can color-code events however I want. I have colors for almost everything from bills, work, family, holidays, the list goes on! But this is a system that really works for me, and you may need a different system (and that’s ok!).

2.Purging Items Is Good For The Soul

When I was little, I used to keep everything! Toys, clothes, greeting cards, you name it! But, as I got older, I was able to learn how to get rid of things as needed.

One thing that I learned when going through stuff is to do it fast. If your first thought is, “I don’t need/wear/use this,” then put it in a bag and don’t think about it again. I always find it helpful to keep a “Goodwill Bag” in my closet. Whenever I want to get rid of something, I put it in the bag so I don’t think about it or see it anymore. Once the bag is empty, I bring it to Goodwill. Simple and easy.

3. Set Aside Time For Yourself

Being organized can take time, so be ready to set aside some time for yourself to get on top of things. Taking some time to go over your calendar on Sunday night, or utilizing a lazy Saturday to cleaning out your closet is totally worth your time. Getting de-cluttered and ready for the week can be very helpful and get you prepared for the week ahead.

4. Be Creative And Have Fun

Organizing and cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore all the time. Make it fun! Blast some music, turn on your favorite movie in the background, you can even find some creative tips on Pinterest that are super helpful and cute! Make it something you enjoy and it will be easier for you to maintain.

5. Don’t Let Your OCD Tendencies Get The Best Of You

One thing that I am still trying to learn, is how not everything can be clean or in the right place. There will always be toothpaste in the sink and there is no way you will be able to keep everything perfect all the time. If you are anything like me, cleaning is relaxing and an afternoon of organizing excites you. But, sometimes you don’t have time to clean, or others don’t have the same way of organizing that you do. And that’s ok!

Any more organization tips out there? What types of “systems” do you use in your house?

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