First Trimester Update | Q&A

First Trimester Ultrasound 8 Weeks

After our baby announcement last week, I thought I would put together a little first trimester update/Q&A! I’m not sure how much baby related posts I will do throughout my pregnancy (let me know if you want to see more!), but I wanted to share more about how we’ve been what’s been going on during my little blogging hiatus.

How are you feeling?

As my first trimester comes to a close, I am finally starting to feel a little more like myself again! I’m very thankful that I didn’t get too sick during my first trimester, but feeling exhausted and nauseous for weeks on end isn’t fun for anyone. I basically just felt really sluggish and overall not myself for two months. If I felt nauseous, it was usually because I was hungry, and nibbling on a few crackers with a heating pad on my stomach usually did the trick. I will say, the one good thing about being in quarantine for months is that I didn’t have to go into work feeling sick. I’m sure I won’t have the luxury with future kids, so I’m soaking in all of the time at home while I can. (Silver lining, right?)

When did you find out? How did you tell Brian?

Fun story, I actually found out on Mother’s Day! I took a test the Friday before and had a very faint line, so I woke up on Sunday morning very eager to take a second test. I got up around 5am (too excited to sleep), officially got a positive result and went back to sleep, haha! As for telling Brian, we decided to look at the results together since we were home quarantining anyway. So, he found out right when I did! 🙂

First Trimester Mothers Day

When are you due?

We are currently due January 15th, 2021!

Are you finding out the sex?

There was a short period of time where I thought it could be fun to wait… But who am I kidding?!? I’m WAY too much of a planner to not find out! Brian also really wanted to find out, so that kind of settled it. And I think knowing the sex will allow both of us to bond further with the baby before they arrive, so we’re very excited to find out soon.

Do you have any cravings or aversions?

Yes and no to both… For most of the first trimester anything that wasn’t a carb sounded repulsive to me. I basically ate toast, crackers, pasta, and pancakes for a solid 2 months. I’m starting to come around to other foods, but meat still doesn’t really interest me. I will rarely crave Italian meats like salami, sausage or meatballs, but if Brian cooks chicken or turkey for dinner I just can’t eat it.

As for cravings, I haven’t craved one specific thing for long periods of time, and I’ll crave something different almost every day. Chocolate donuts, Italian subs, my moms Christmas cookies, gummy bears, mini cinnamon Eggo waffles, the list goes on; and one thing is more random than the next. But once I’ve indulged in my craving, a different one will form. Brian has basically been a saint and will go to the store pretty much any time I need something. I know… I’m spoiled.

Have you started planning the nursery?

Definitely not! I have some ideas, and we will probably keep it fairly neutral, but we want to find out the sex before we really get into the nitty gritty of designing something. I have always loved the idea of a garden theme, or bunnies, which is what my nursery was as a baby. We shall see!

What about the rest of the house? Any projects you’re working on?

Other than the nursery, our major project right now is turning the finished part of our basement into a livable space before the baby arrives. We already got new carpet installed and our sectional should be arriving next week (fingers crossed it fits down the stairs)! I would also like to do a quick refresh to our bathroom to make it a tad more functional. We will eventually pay to have it completely redone, but it’s our only bathroom so we would have to take a little vacation during the work, which we just aren’t comfortable doing during a pandemic. So maybe next year!

Are you showing yet?

Does quarantine weight count? But the real answer is not quite! I gained a little weight during the first trimester, which is good, but I’m not seeing a little bump just yet. I can’t wait, though!

Are your appointments any different due to COVID-19?

Since this is my first pregnancy, I obviously have nothing to compare it to. But, yes, doctors visits are different than normal during this time. The main thing being that you aren’t allowed visitors in most of your appointments. I completely understand, and appreciate, all of the precautions our doctor’s office is making to keep everyone safe and healthy, but being a first time mom, it can be scary and, if I’m being honest, upsetting going into an appointment alone. All office’s are different, and some allow visitors during the major appointments, but these rules can obviously change at any time.

In addition to the “no visitor” rule, I have been made aware that some of my appointments might be more spread out than normal, or they could be virtual. Typically, you see your doctor every month (about every 4 weeks). But due to COVID-19, appointments might be every 6 weeks. My appointments are currently every 4 weeks, but I have the option to do them virtually if I have access to a scale and a blood pressure cuff. I also didn’t even see my doctor until I was 12 weeks (as opposed to the typical 8-10 weeks)!

I technically had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, but that was just with a sonographer, and my doctor’s office called me later to tell me everything looked A-OK! (The only reason I was even allowed to get an ultrasound was because twins run in my family, so they wanted to check for multiples; there’s just one in there!). Our birth will be different as well, but since that’s 6 months away there’s really no telling how the pandemic will change the process.

Is Brian able to go to your appointments?

Yes and no… Due to COVID-19 my doctor’s office is currently only allowing visitors to your very first doctors visit, but I am hopeful that the policy might change throughout my pregnancy. Since my ultrasound at 8 weeks was just with a sonographer, Brian and I FaceTimed so he could see the baby and the heartbeat. We were originally told that Brian wouldn’t be allowed at any appointments, but a few days before my 12 week appointment we received a call saying I could bring one visitor to the visit. I was so happy I cried (thanks hormones)! But it was just so nice to get some sense of normalcy during a pandemic, and know that he could meet my doctor and see the baby right there with me.

Truth be told, while the first trimester is super exciting, it was hard! And I am really looking forward to having more energy and getting back to more activities other than lying on the couch feeling gross! Thanks again to everyone for your wells wishes and for checking in on Brian and I! 🙂 I will definitely share more as the months go by, and I will share more day-to-day on my Instagram if you want to follow along!

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