How To Save Your Wedding Bouquet


If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I love flowers! So, naturally, I wanted to save my wedding bouquet in some way.

I looked into a lot of different ways to preserve bouquets prior to our wedding, but there was one way that I thought was really unique. I found a picture of framed pressed flowers on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea! I thought it would be a simple and clean way to preserve a piece of our wedding day, and I wanted to share how I did it.

I looked up a couple ways to press flowers and we also talked a little with our florist on how to do it. Our florist told us to place all of the flowers onto a window screen and then place heavy books on top of the flowers. That way the flowers could be pressed, and also dry at the same time.

I, of course, did not do that, and lost a lot of flowers in the process because they grew mold… I opted for just pressing the flowers inside of books, which can work well for smaller flowers, but my large roses didn’t dry out very well. [Pro Tip: Listen to your florist! **Face Palm**]

Thankfully, I had a very large bouquet, so I have several flowers to work with in the end!

Step 2: Purchase a Frame

There are so many different types of frames out there, so pick one that goes with your style! I chose an 8×10 matted frame with a silver finish. I liked the idea of having a matte in the frame, just to give the whole piece a little depth.

I also had a small 4×6 frame left over from our wedding that I put a couple little flowers in, too. I thought a little frame would look nice on a desk, in a bathroom, or even something that I could give to my future daughter.

Step 3: Place Flowers and Seal Frame

Once your frame is selected and your flowers are dry (it may take several days to over a week), now it’s time to lay out your flowers! Again, this is all about personal taste and how you want to showcase your bouquet. You can arrange them to look like a full bouquet, or you can even have a deconstructed bouquet. I opted for the deconstructed look, and I absolutely love it!

When placing your flowers, lay the flowers on top of the matte/backing. Once the flowers are in the position you want, (VERY CAREFULLY) place the glass over the flowers, flip it over and tightened the backing. Now you have find the perfect place to display your beautiful bouquet!

Wedding Bouquet: Milwaukee Flower Co.

Wedding Photo: Better Together Photography

What other ways did you save memories from your big day?

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