Our Mini-Moon In Kohler

On our one-week anniversary, I thought I would share a bit about our mini-moon to Kohler, WI!

As a wedding present to my new hubby, I bought us one night at The American Club. Instead of a physical gift, I decided that we needed a little time to celebrate our marriage since we aren’t going on our actual honeymoon until next year.

We didn’t take too much time off for the wedding, because my husband is a teacher, so we weren’t able to go anywhere too far. Thankfully, Kohler is only one hour away! So we packed our bags and headed up the day after our wedding.

At check in, we were greeted with sparkling wine and mimosas, and we were miraculously upgraded to a nicer room! (A great start to our romantic get-away.) We stayed in the Carriage House property of the hotel, but were able to walk around the main hotel (which was gorgeous), and we had direct access to Kohler Waters Spa.


Sunday night, we walked around the American Club and checked out the gorgeous courtyards all over the hotel. I love looking at all sorts of different architecture and historical artifacts, and the hotel had a ton of things to look at. The bar was filled with old books and paintings, and the courtyard was lined with beautiful flowers and a stunning greenhouse. After walking around and grabbing a bite to eat, we relaxed at the spas rooftop lounge and planned our Monday.



Monday morning, we enjoyed a quant breakfast before heading out to the hiking trails. We walked through the trails on the outskirts of Blackwolf Run Golf Course and walked people fish along the river. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend hiking two days after your wedding (we were pretty exhausted), it was a beautiful trail and we really enjoyed time just the two of us.


To end our mini-moon, we enjoyed a H2O Inspirations treatment at the spa, which was an 80-minute treatment with full body exfoliation and moisturizing! We decided to book a water treatment, because it is pretty unique to the Waters Spa (go figure), and it allowed us to use a very cool Kohler shower and whirlpool. It was so relaxing and was the perfect end to our weekend!While I am excited to go on our honeymoon next June, I am so happy we took the time to be together and celebrate our marriage just the two of us right after getting married. It really gave us time to talk about our favorite parts about the wedding day and just enjoy each other’s company after 15 months of wedding planning.

I would highly recommend doing a little something special as a couple if you are taking any time in between your wedding and your honeymoon. Take a short trip somewhere you have never been, just to get away and not feel like you’re at home. It’s a great way to spend your first couple days as husband and wife.

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