Bridesmaids Gifts

With our wedding coming up in less than 3 months (oh my gosh!), I wanted to share a post on my bridesmaids gifts! It took me a while to decide on what to get for my amazing girls, but I decided to stick with something that they could use on our actual wedding day.

Here is what I decided to get them!

  • Boyfriend Button Up Shirts & Floral Shorts… for getting ready in.
  • Antique Handkerchiefs… for their happy tears.
  • Personalized Hair Pieces… for their gorgeous locks.


I wanted the gifts to feel as individual as all of my girls are, so I chose the handkerchiefs and hair pieces very carefully. I also love timeless styles, so incorporating things that were vintage or vintage looking into the gifts was really fun! Here’s a sneak peak of our wedding-day getting ready looks!


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