Packing Tips for International Travel

International Travel

International travel is a truly amazing experience, but knowing what to pack can be stressful. Here’s a list of a few things that should be in everyone’s suitcase other than your choice of clothing…

A Detailed Itinerary

As a Travel Advisor, making an itinerary for even a weekend trip is a no brainer for me. But for those of you who don’t possess my OCD tendencies, it’s always good to have all of your travel information in one place.

Your itinerary would include information such as flight times and reservation numbers, accommodation information and dates of travel. Having all of this information easily accessible will help you have stress free travel. I would also recommend printing a few copies for yourself and travel companions.

Check out everything I add to my itineraries with my free travel templates, and download my travel itinerary template for air or ground travel! It’s the perfect tool for domestic or international travel.

Your Passport

Of course you’re going to put your passport on your packing list, but something that most people don’t think about is what if you loose your passport when traveling abroad? Before I travel out of the United States I always make three copies of my passport. One to leave with someone at home, and two to take with me. I keep one in a safe place with my actual passport, and one with me for identification. I do this to ensure that I always have proper identification on hand, and to know I have a back up if my passport gets lost or stolen. This safeguard isn’t necessary, but always a good idea in my book.

Please please please, don’t keep your passport with you at all times when traveling. If you forget your bag somewhere or, god forbid, you’re pick-pocketed, you really don’t want someone to have your original passport. Once you get to your destination keep your passport in a hotel safe, or stored safely in your suitcase.

Appropriate Clothing

I’m not necessarily talking about “weather appropriate” clothing, here (although you should pay always attention to the time of year and the weather conditions of where you are traveling to). But, you should also be aware of customs and expectations in the cities you’re visiting.

For example, churches throughout Italy will not let you enter unless your shoulders and knees are covered. Always research the customs of the cities your going to, and be prepared for traditions that are different than your own. Also consider the structure of cities and their streets. In other words, if you’re going to a place that has very old, cobblestone streets, you may want to leave the stilettos at home.

A Sense Of Adventure

This one may seem obvious/cheesy, but you have to keep an open mind and be ready for anything when traveling abroad. Maybe you can’t read your map, maybe you’re unsure of where to stop for dinner. Be adventurous! Try new things!

Take a stroll and just see where it takes you, go into that restaurant down the street and try something you’ve never heard of! Letting yourself experience new things and being scared is apart of traveling, and life, so just jump in and let your destination take you somewhere you never thought possible!

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