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Packing for flights can sometimes be a dreaded task. What do you bring? What if your flights is delayed? Etc. Having the right items in your carry-on bag can sometimes make all the difference when you’re traveling. Here are my carry-on go-to’s for easy travel (domestic or abroad).

Snacks & Water Bottle
Save yourself the trouble of buying over-priced airport food, and bring along some snacks for your flight. Some good snacks are granola bars, trail mix, apples, or any non-perishables that you can easily fit in your bag. I also like to pack an empty water bottle and fill it once I get past security. A lot of people think water bottles take up too much space in their bags, but I think it’s worth it to not have to buy overpriced water in the airport or while your traveling. Added bonus: staying hydrated helps with jet lag, too!

Travel Pillow
If you’re going on a longer flight, you’re gonna need a travel pillow! The pillows that you get on planes can be pretty gross, so opt to bring your own if you can. Memory foam travel pillows are great, but if you are short on space, you can also buy inflatable ones that you can fold up after your flight, too! (T.J.Maxx usually has great, inexpensive travel gear.)


Change of Clothes
The worrier in me always thinks, “what if the airline looses my bag?!” I always try to carry-on all of my luggage, but if I am going on a longer trip and need to check bags, I like to keep a change of clothes in my carry-on (just in case).

Toiletry Essentials
I like to bring some toiletry essentials with me on flights (again, incase I end up loosing a checked bag). You don’t necessarily need to put everything in your carry-on, just pack some make up, a toothbrush and any medications you may need in a small bag so you’ll be all set.

For carry-on make up, just have a few touch up products handy. International flights can be long and tiring, so it’s nice to be able to freshen up after a long flight.


Along with make up, I love bringing rosewater face spray with me! I buy the travel size, so it’s perfect to throw in a purse or carry-on bag for a refreshing mist during or after a flight to combat the dryness of airplanes.

Reading Material/Entertainment
It’s always great to bring some entertainment with you on flights. While the international flights have TVs for each seat, sometimes on domestic flights you’re not as fortunate. I’d recommend bringing a good book, music and some noise cancelling headphones for waiting around the airport and during the flight. I’ve even hear of people bringing along card games, or catching up on correspondence during flights. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you entertained!

Blanket Scarf
Traveling with a blanket scarf is great for long or short flights! It can act as a fashion statement, and as a blanket if/when you get cold on the plane. I also sometimes use it as a little extra cushion for my seat, or as an added pillow. The best part, since it’s wearable, is that it doesn’t take up any room in your bags! Win-win!


Compression Socks
Planes can get a little chilly so its always nice to have a pair of socks handy. And what better than a pair of compression socks?! These socks help with circulation so your legs don’t get as tired from sitting on a long flight. Keeping the blood flowing in your body can also improve your jet lag when you get to your destination.

Trip Itinerary & Important Documents
Being an over-planner, I like to have all of my travel documents and itineraries in a folder in my carry-on. This includes boarding passes, trip itinerary, foreign currency (if needed), hotel/car rental information and confirmation numbers, EVERYTHING!

The worst thing when traveling is not having your information in front of you if there is a problem and you’re in a hurry. I especially like having all of this on hand when abroad just incase there is a language barrier. Having everything you need right at your fingertips can really speed up your travel and put your mind at ease.

Still looking for more tips? Check out my blog post on packing tips for traveling internationally!

What else do you like having with you during flights? Do you have any great travel hacks you’ve discovered over the years?

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    Great post idea! I always have such a hard time packing for trips no matter what.

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