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Since buying our house just over a month ago, we have been knee deep in projects, unpacking boxes, and the never ending learning process that comes with your first home. Since you have all been along for the ride, I thought I’d share a little bit of the projects we are currently working on and give you a little sneak peak at our updates!

Our Living Room

Our living room was something that I wanted to tackle right away because it’s where we spend most of our time together. We love having a cozy spot to come home to and watch Netflix, or fighting for the comfy corner of the couch on weekend mornings. It’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the house because of it’s natural, old charm, thick original trim and white walls (which we painted before we moved in).

While we are still waiting on our couch from West Elm, we bought a new TV stand and printed rug, and JUST finished hanging our olive green curtains. I can’t wait to show you how it all comes together soon!

The Master

When we moved in, we put all of our current bedroom furniture in our guest room. We wanted to get new pieces for the master, so we have been sleeping upstairs for the past month as we wait for everything to get delivered. While our master is small, it’s on the main level of the house and connected to the bathroom, so were excited to be able to move in soon!

Before we moved in, we painted the master the same color as the living room (“Whisper White” by Behr). To add some color, we bought a beautiful printed rug (which pretty much takes up the entire room since it’s such a tight space, haha). We are pairing it with a wood bed frame and my antique vanity, along with black dresser and nightstands. It hasn’t been easy finding furniture that will fit in the space, but we are hoping to be able to sleep in our new bedroom this weekend!

Master Bedroom Rug
A little peak at our rug!

The Yard

Finally, the yard! While it might not seem like it, it needs a lot of work and we have been working on it since we moved in! We initially trimmed the overgrown bushes and tree in the backyard, and pulled a lot of weeds.

Another, not super sexy, project that we would like to do before winter is installing window wells and removing the bushes that line the back of our house. Our land is very flat, so we will eventually need to re-grade the lawn, but window wells and removing the major pants beds will keep moisture away from our basement in the meantime. (BTW, we don’t have basement leaks, just a very old house so we want to be cautious!)

It’s hard work, but it is definitely a labor of love. I love the design process and seeing everything come together in a space we can enjoy together. And, slowly but surely, it is starting to feel like home. 🙂

What projects are you interested in seeing? Do you want to be apart of the whole design and demo process, or just see some before and afters?

  1. Laura M says:

    I think this house is charming and even more so with the way you’ve described your plans and updates. I love the bathroom steps! Ha! The flax curtains you chose are perfect and I have to say…I am hoping you post some “full room” after pics soon. Please don’t wait until it is perfect. I think everyone knows you have ideas, but it is fun to see it transition! Don’t underestimate the appeal now just because you know all the stuff you want to change. Show it as it is without apology and let your energy come through. I think it can be good to live in a house for awhile before making any big changes anyway!

    • Kelly Summerfield says:

      Thanks so much Laura, that’s so sweet of you! 🙂 Thanks for the post ideas, too! I will definitely take more room pictures as things start coming together and I can show more of the design process, along with the “after” pics. Glad to know people are interested in not just the “after!”

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