Finding the Right Workout Routine

Workout Routine

You know those people who are dedicated to their diet and workout routines? The people who go to the gym every day after work, or even at 5am to get a sweat-sesh in before a busy day?… I am NOT one of those people! Sure, I always feel good after a workout. But I have very low will-power when it comes to getting to the gym. And once I am home, it’s very hard to get me off the couch!

After college, I realized that my life had become more sedentary. But I owned a Fitbit, so I felt pretty healthy… right?! But after settling into my career and new adult life, I started to really get down on myself.

I noticed my daily steps were getting less and less, my body was changing and I just wasn’t happy with my health and wellness overall. I decided to bite the bullet, and pay for a personal trainer. I loved it, but couldn’t keep up with the cost. So, I decided to keep going to the same gym, just without a trainer watching my every move. It was just $20, right? No big deal. I’ll just do what my trainer taught me to do!

Maybe I missed a week or two of working out here and there… Then a week turned into a month… two months… until I stopped going all together. It was then, I realized that standard gym memberships just don’t work for me. I like having a person telling me what to do at the gym, and going “whenever I felt like it” just wasn’t the right way to schedule workouts.

I started looking into alternatives when a friend told me about Orangetheory Fitness. It only took one free class for me to get hooked! It’s a gym that allows me to have a personal trainer, a full-body workout and classes that fit my schedule, all in one. Simple. Easy. Effective.

It completely changed the way I view my fitness routine. With going to a gym where I was forced to schedule my classes, it made me accountable for going! I am able to schedule my classes for the full month, and then I just view going to the gym like any other appointment I have on my calendar. Two years later, and I am still going to the gym two days a week. (Which might not seem like a lot, but if you go to OTF, you know that twice is plenty, haha!)

At the end of the day, the best fitness routine is the one that works for you! Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses (literally), and what works for one person might not work for the next. Try out some free classes around your town, or higher a trainer to see what kind of workouts you like. And once you find it, make a commitment to yourself and stick with it!

What are some of your favorite fitness classes and routines? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Stacey Chike says:

    I use the MindBody app to schedule my hot yoga, hot pilates, etc. LOVE it! I also am one of those 5 am YMCA addicts though, too. 🙂

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