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Is it just me, of was this summer the busiest summer ever?! Brian and I had at least one wedding every month from May through October; I stood up in one, and Brian stood up in two. We went on our honeymoon to Iceland (finally!), traveled with family to San Antonio, and did what seems like a million other things.

Having a busy summer can be fun and exciting, but I am actually really looking forward to the calmer winter months. Anyone else?

I have always been a homebody at heart and love staying in on the weekends. Waking up to a leisurely morning and enjoying a hot cocoa with espresso on the couch just puts me in the best of moods.

This past weekend I started getting the house ready for winter. Putting away things like the big box fan in our room that cools us during the hot summer months, bringing out the cozy throws for the couch, and cleaning out some of our closets. Settling into hibernation mode is one of my favorite things (or as the Dutch call it, hygge). It gives me a chance to slow down, enjoy my home and spend more time with my hubby.

On top of hunkering down for winter, we are done with our major traveling for the year, so I, of course, am already planning our trips for 2019. We are going to start planning our international summer trip soon and I can’t wait! If you’ve been on the blog this past week, you might have noticed The Next Adventure section on the sidebar has been updated! 😉 —>

New horizons on the blog are also coming! After this past year of updates and growth, I am looking forward to reaching out to work more with brands and products that interest you guys! Please feel free to let me know if you are interested in specific companies or products for me to test/review for you! I want this to be a space of learning and fun for everyone as it takes new shape.

Is there anything you are looking for on the blog? Specific product reviews? New topics? Let me know in the comments below!

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