Fall Project List


It’s that time of year! Summer is coming to a close, school is back in session and the air is getting a little cooler. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I get so excited for everything that comes with it! Fluffy sweaters, the cool morning air, crisp leaves dancing in the wind and any and all things pumpkin or apple flavored.

With a new season comes new projects! I am sure everyone has a mental list of things they want to do now that the busy days of summer are coming to a close… Here is a list of some of the things I plan to accomplish.

Closet Clean Out
I usually like to clean out my closets every season just to make room for new pieces or to donate what I haven’t warn in a while. Cleaning is one of my favorite past-times (super dorky, I know), so I will usually pick a weekend that we have free to just go through everything!

Create a Cozy Home
There’s nothing like a cozy home during the fall and winter months. To prep my house for cool weather, I usually swap out the throw pillows and blankets on the couch, and add an extra blanket to the bed. Adding fall florals, decor and more candles throughout the house always makes it feel more homey to me, as well.

Finish Our Wedding Photo Album
With our wedding anniversary coming up next month, I really want to put together a photo album of our favorite moments. This is obviously going to take some time, but since fall is usually a more relaxed season in our house, I can’t wait to take the time to complete it!

Expand My Cookbook
Fall weather always puts me in the mood to cook. I am not much of a chef, and I usually just get too hot during the summer to spend any time in the kitchen. So once fall comes, I love making chili, banana bread, cookies and more! This year, I would love to expand my pallet and make some new recipes. Anything you guys love to make for your families?

Become a Hostess
Summer is always such a busy time of year. We are always traveling, or going to company softball games, or eating out with friends. We’re just never home! We have been trying to get better at reaching out to our friends more to hang out and spend quality time with them, so this fall instead of going out, I really want to become more of a host and cook for our guests. Have a game night, watch movies, or even host a bonfire! Fall can be a great time of year for hosting before the craziness of the holidays comes around.

What are some of your fall projects or to do’s? Any projects you’ve been dying to complete?


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