My Iceland Honeymoon Packing List


After sharing our Icelandic honeymoon itinerary, I wanted to share some cold weather honeymoon essentials. If you’re planning on going somewhere a little cooler to snuggle up with your new hubby, this list is the perfect way to prepare for your trip.

I am so excited to share this post with you, because I am teaming up with Christina from My Petite Joys! Christina went to Puerto Rico on her honeymoon and is sharing her warm weather honeymoon packing essentials on her blog this week. Be sure to head over to her post to see how she packed for her steamy honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Basically, wherever you are going on your honeymoon, we’ve got your packing lists covered!

Brian and I decided to go to Iceland because we wanted our first trip as a married couple to be an adventure. We spent months planning and researching what we wanted to see and what we should bring with. We had never really been to a place like Iceland before, so we had some shopping to do!


Touring the country was amazing, and more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. And while we got married in September, we waited a few months to take our honeymoon in June. The summer months in Iceland are warmer, but it was still in the mid 50’s for most of our stay. The perfect weather to get cozy and cuddle up together! Here is what I found to be most useful on our trip…


Light Layers
We did a lot of hiking while in Iceland and light layers were key. I packed a few t-shirts, light long sleeves and a thick sweatshirt. Great for when it’s cool in the mornings, and when/if you have to de-layer throughout the day or while hiking. If you want to have an outfit that can go from hiking to dinner, bring along light, black colored long-sleeves and a cute light sweater or two. These will pair great with any scarf or hat you pair it with.

Hiking Boots
If you’re going to a cooler climate for your honeymoon, you’re going to need a cute and functional pair of boots! I would recommend getting a waterproof pair of boots that come up on your ankle for support. (I bought a pair from L.L.Bean along with hiking socks.) These babies got me through it all in Iceland.


Waterproof/Windproof Jacket
Rain is a guarantee in Iceland, so why not bring some adorable rain gear? I brought two waterproof & windproof coats (this L.L.Bean jacket and a Columbia jacket similar to this), and they were very much needed. Don’t be afraid to buy some fun colors!


Hats, Gloves and Scarves
Cozy weather calls for cute accessories! I brought along this hat, some light weight gloves, and an assortment of scarves to use as statement pieces.


Waterproof Camera Backpack
A good quality camera bag was essential on our trip! This bag had the perfect amount of compartments to fit our camera, lenses and GoPro, while also being able to hold snacks, a water bottle and even our tripod! The best part was that it was waterproof, so we didn’t have to get worried if it started raining at a moments notice.

Cute Swimsuits
Even though Iceland isn’t necessarily warm in the summer, there are still plenty of hot springs to enjoy! Brian and I went to the Blue Lagoon and the Secret Lagoon for a little R&R in between hikes. We even had a hot tub at one of our Airbnbs.



Sleep Mask
During the summer months, the sun doesn’t even set in some areas of the country. At the most, you will see about 3-4 hours of darkness, so an eye mask to help you sleep is a must. We bought these on Amazon and they worked great.

Moroccan Oil
The water in Iceland has a lot of sulfur, and while my skin loved it, it did quite a number on my hair. If it were any other vacation, I wouldn’t have really cared, but you gotta look cute on your honeymoon, right?! I brought some Moroccan oil with, and decided to purchase some Icelandic conditioner once we got to Reykjavik. Both were very helpful in keeping my hair soft and manageable.


There you have it! – Be sure to head over to Christina’s warm weather honeymoon post and let us know in the comments where you would like to go with your new hubby!

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