Norwegian Countryside & Sognefjord


During our time in Norway, we decided to venture out to the countryside after a day of exploring Oslo. Throughout the country, Norway can experience many different temperatures and weather conditions, so traveling through it was quite a sight. Some areas were covered in clouds and snow (in mid-August), while others, had temps of 70!

Before our trip, we booked a train ride, departing from Oslo, to the west coast to see the fjords. You can find a number of fjord tours in Norway, but we decided to to travel to Sognefjord, which is the second largest fjord in the world and Norway’s largest and deepest fjord.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.25.24 AM
 Our trip map from Oslo to Sognefjord.
Riding through the snow covered countryside.

It was a long trip (about 6+ hours each way), but 100% worth it! Our train departed from Oslo early in the morning, and took us to Myrdal, where we switched to the Flåm Railway This took us down into the fjord. The Flåm Railway is known for being the steepest railway in the world and is open year round to tourists! It was a stunning ride, and they even stopped the train a few times for people to get off and take pictures of nearby waterfalls.IMG_2309


Once we made it to the bottom, we had a little time to explore the town and grab a bite to eat, before our boat tour through the fjord. There were a lot of options for food, as well as lots of tourist shops where you could get great souvenirs, like wool sweaters and scarves.We quickly grabbed a bit and made our way to the boat, and from the second it took off, we were in awe! Traveling through the fjord, we saw quaint, little villages, and other types of tours going on, like kayaking and hiking. (We even saw a wedding off of a dock overlooking the water!)

None of our pictures could even begin to capture the beauty of the area. It was one of our favorite stops on our whole 9-day trip!


After our tour, we were taking back to the train and back to Oslo! If we could do it again, we honestly would have stayed the night near Sognefjord so we could spend more time discovering the beautiful sights. So I would recommend looking at two-day tours to the fjords. I would also HIGHLY recommend bringing windproof jackets and dressing with light layers. It was a warm summer day, but out on the water it is very windy and can get quite chilly (see above, as I try to hide how cold I am).What are some amazing sights you have seen? Any travel tips for visiting them?

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