Exploring Copenhagen

On our trip to Europe last summer, we visited three countries. My favorite, by far, was Denmark. As soon as we got of of the train in Copenhagen and began our walk to our AirB&B, I knew that I was going to love the short three days we had there. The city was so beautiful and as I learned more about it, I fell in love the Danish way of life (if you couldn’t tell from my post about hygge).

From the food, to the sites and the refreshing outlook on life, the city of Copenhagen has so much to offer! Below are some pictures from our three days in the city, along with some great ideas for my fellow travelers!

Tivoli Gardens
The world’s second oldest amusement park! It is crazy to think of this place as an amusement park because of how stunning it is, but there were some really fun rides along with great food and beautiful gardens. The perfect spot for all ages!


Biking around Copenhagen
We decided to experience the city like true Danes and take a bike tour! We signed up for a tour with Bike with Mike, and it was one of my favorite things we did the entire trip. Mike was the coolest guy and had so much knowledge of the city and Denmark as a whole. It was the perfect way to spend our morning learning about the Danish culture and seeing all of the sites.
IMG_2112IMGP1072 (1)Castles and Churches
The architecture throughout the city is stunning, but stopping by Rosenborg Castle and Church of Our Savior was a great way to see parts of Danish history and views of the whole city! Rosenborg Castle is home to the crown jewels as well as hundreds of pieces of art. Church of Our Savior is known for its gorgeous spiraled tower that all are welcome to climb to get an amazing view of the city, and neighboring Sweden.
IMG_2149IMG_2148IMG_2142IMG_2123IMG_2177IMG_2170IMGP1170 (1)IMG_2172

Touring the Canals
Copenhagen is known for its harbors and canals, so what a better way to see them than from a boat! On our first full day in Denmark we took a canal tour to explore the entire city. This was a great way to see everything on the waterfront and throughout the city.
The Food
The last item on my list… food! While Denmark is know for its pork (who knew, right?!) and Smørrebrød, all of the food was delicious! The two best places we went were Copenhagen Street Food and Relae.

Copenhagen Street Food was on the waterfront and had a bunch of food trucks, all with over 80% of the menus being organic! It was a great place to hang out for the night and it had a huge area outside on the water with tables and areas to sit. I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and a crème brûlée donut, and they were great!

As for Relae, this was the best meal on our entire 10-day trip! We had a 7-course meal with wine pairings, and while I didn’t take any pictures cause I didn’t want to be “that tourist,” it was AMAZING! We ended up getting a kitchen view table, so we were able to see all of the courses as they were being made. It was a totally new way of experiencing food and the perfect way to spend an evening with friends.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city with so much to offer! What are some other cities that you guys have visited?

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