European Adventure 2016

This past summer, my friend and I were talking about how she had never really traveled and how she wants to explore the world. After telling her to “seize the day,” I thought to myself, “why not plan a trip together?!”

We started planning our European adventure in September of last year and picking where to go and for how long was our first plan of action! In true wanderlust fashion, I really didn’t care where we went, as long as it was somewhere I had never been to before. When it was all said and done, we decided on a 9-day tour of Dublin, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Dublin, Ireland (4 Days)

Going to Ireland has always been a dream of mine! Not only do we plan on seeing all that Dublin has to offer, we plan on going out to Ireland’s beautiful countryside as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark (3 Days)

While Copenhagen was never a place I really thought of visiting, I think it is the city that I am most excited for! Here, we hope to get a reservation at Noma, which has been voted best restaurant in the world 4 times!

Oslo, Norway (2 Days)

Being a very small part Norwegian, I’m excited to go to Oslo and experience a part of my family’s history and experience the country’s beauty and culture.

After choosing our destinations, the next thing to do was to start booking flights and hotels! (All while saving as much money as possible.)

Stay tuned for more posts on how we are planning our trip and budgeting for it!

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    Finland missing!

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